• Uncover New Insights into yourself and find the Disrupters.
  • Learn a new Language That Empowers you and those around you.
  • Discover the power of your Imagination and how it may be severely impacting your circumstance.
  • Experience the present moment to notice where you're coming from: Past, Present or Future.
  • Fundamentally discover "Freedom in Circumstance."
  • And much more...

Together we'll explore, "What's standing in the way?"

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How do we heal? 

Healing begins with Clearing.

Imagine a wound that needs to heal. What do we do first? 

We clear and cleanse the space, preparing the space
for healing.

The same need exists within us and around us;

to clear and cleanse the space, preparing the space
​for healing.

The Space within and the Space without.


My Commitment to You
During our sessions, you will experience a deep listening as we look at the various circumstances presenting themselves.  You'll experience honest feedback and direction as we create balance from what at times is simply energy in chaos.

 Sessions begin with Checking In.  Questions help you to identify what you want to work on. We'll always find what is most pressing in the moment.

Clients are struggling because something is in the way. Individuals, couples and teams benefit from transforming limitations that inhibit freedom.

 After completing The Clearing, we schedule according to what's needed, monthly, weekly or several times a week.

You Dream It, Together 
We'll Achieve It!
Create Your Perfect World
As you consider Being in this work, begin envisioning your perfect circumstance.  

What is the vision you have for your home, your family, your relationships, you work (otherwise known as your contribution to the world)?

How would you like your Life to Be Expressed?
...You Don't Live on an Island...
It's not just about you...
As we suffer, our relationships suffer.  We lose sight of the love that we once shared resulting in lost intimacy.  As you feel that loss, so does your lover, your parent, your child, your neighbor, your friend, etc.

While this work is not about attaching to any outcome, it is about discovering Commitment and how to manage the various thoughts and feelings that stand between us and our Commitments.

Fundamentally, the work is about Freedom in Circumstance, so that in each moment, we can declare new Possibilities for ourselves and our relationships.
What are some of my Clients saying?

Jill T.

I'm really sensitive and I thought it was "bad energy." I didn't realize it could be my imagination. During my sessions, I learned to trust what I was feeling while discerning the truth of my experience through the coaching.  Now, I have a sense of freedom I didn't have before.  Thank you!"

Pete T.

My girlfriend and I live together AND work together.  We have stressful days!  I thought that I was communicating clearly, but I've discovered there's more to it than I realized.  I now have a way to communicate that empowers my partner. We have tools to create harmony despite the choas around us.  Thank you!

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